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Chefs in Business was born of a head chefs frustration with the time consuming non-cooking parts of his job, whilst acknowledging that these important tasks needed to be done as part of his managerial responsibilities to his team, his employer and the business.

Its functions have been developed to overcome and simplify some of the challenges personally experienced on a daily basis by our team of head chefs …

…and colleagues elsewhere in hospitality businesses generally, such as the time consuming challenges in working out costs and gross profit for menu items and then doing it again when ingredient prices changed – all of this after a long, long day.

Inevitably, as we know a lot of what happens with food calculations is mostly guesswork, which of course is neither accurate or of any real value to the business.

We also know that hospitality businesses have a failure rate 3 times higher in general than other business sectors, so we decided to look at other areas we, and our colleagues across the country, face such as lack of time, uncertainty with calculations and percentages, dealing with allergens and so on.

Our solution was the creation of what is now Chefs In Business


To develop an easy to use support system for hospitality businesses that:

  • Saves time and money within the business
  • Simplifies daily operations by sharing information easily
  • Removes the need to constantly redo calculations and other work manually
  • Provides critical information to help sustain a business’ viability and survival
  • Enables consistent communication within a business
  • Supports training and development of the business’ team
  • Provides a ready to access suppliers network, ideally local, to support our customers


Our Top 10 Already Completed and Used By Customers:

  1. Develop an easy way for chefs to automatically cost their recipes and forecast each dish and menus gross profit, saving them for future use and other members of the team, whilst creating their recipe specifications as normal.
  2. Develop a way to automatically up date recipes costs and gross profit calculations as new ingredient price changes are added to save both time and regular recalculation tasks.
  3. Develop a way for allergens information to be added automatically to a recipe or sub-recipe.
  4. Develop an easy way to share information within a business through a business’ dedicated intranet such as allergen information for Front of House to aid customer service. Record it once centrally; share it with your team instantly.
  5. Develop a centralised online support system that stores standard operating information, which can be used for training and as a reference point to help teams do their jobs in a consistent way 24/7.
  6. Develop tools that support business performance reviews and help inform decisions the business makes to sustain its viability.
  7. Develop an easy way to do stock counts, both wet and dry, that automatically values stock
  8. Work with the Environmental Health to develop a compliant and easy to use hygiene monitoring system that is cloud based, not paper based, for easier storage and access.
  9. Achieve Primary Authority status for our Hygiene system
  10. Ensure the system is affordable, so that it is within easy reach of smaller independent businesses and groups.

Here’s another two already completed, used by customers, but continuously added to:

  1. Develop an easy to access nationwide network of suppliers used by the hospitality sector, ideally creating an environment where local businesses support each other.
  2. Our team of head chefs continuously create and share their expertise with tried and tested, viable business recipes on our public Chefs In Business site for anyone to cook, showcasing how our system and featured suppliers products can be used.

Under development for launch 2018:

  1. Share and promote the food of guest chefs,and the businesses they work for, to the public at large taking advantage of our Chefs In Business public site and other heavily used social media platforms
  2. Develop a Chefs In Business blog to keep our users up to date with new features and content.

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