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This page provides information about our Chefs In Business Plus, our dedicated version of Chefs In Business created for the use of specific businesses and their staff.

Online Centralised Food And Beverage Management – Chefs In Business Plus

Online centralised food and beverage management make daily operations so much easier with Chefs In Business Plus.

Businesses use Chefs In Business Plus as their own internal intranet for online centralised food and beverage management. Creating, storing and sharing key business information needed for daily operations.

At the same time, the creation of valuable cost and pricing data aids business decision making.

Profit Focused Food and Beverage Management

When developing recipes we think about what they cost and what we need to sell them for to make GP.

Recipe costings happen automatically as you build a recipe in Chefs In Business Plus. This hugely saves time and money in having staff work costs out manually.

And the really cool thing is updates are instant. For example, if your discussing new menu items you can see results instantly and make menu decisions in real time.

In addition, when ingredients prices are changed recipe costings update dynamically. Again removing the need to repeat any manual work.

Being able to change ingredients and recipes online avoids the need for manual rework. Its just so much easier.

Based on the recipe costing and your chosen gross profit margin the recipe calculator suggests a selling price for the dish.

Furthermore, the menu price calculator tells you what gross profit margin you are making compared to the recipe costing.

Allergen Data

Allergens are attached to ingredients in the system.

This means that allergen information is recorded automatically as a recipe is being created and stored centrally.

Additionally, allergen data can be seen by all front and back of house staff as the recipe is stored on the intranet. This both saves time and speeds up service to customers.

Food Hygiene

Chefs in Business Plus includes a complete hygiene management system.

You can choose to use this as a part of the full package or on its own.  We are certain it will enhance your kitchen management processes either way.

And viewing food hygiene reports couldn’t be easier as its all online.

Consistent Information

The intranet provides a single point for sharing information.

This means that the information shared is consistent and the same for everyone.

Information updates are instant, helping avoid potential confusion if your current process is by word of mouth.

Training and Product Standardisation

For training your team it is especially relevant as a central reference resource.

Food Waste Costs and Staff Meal Costs

These often overlooked costs can really damage your bottom line.

The built in tracking tool helps you see the cost of food waste or staff meals.

Our Ongoing Support

We aim to help your business further by adding content to Chefs In Business on a regular basis.

Firstly, as chefs we know how resource and time consuming menu development can be.

To help therefore, our team of chefs develop new recipes each month including recipe costings, allergens and methods.

You are welcome to use these, consequently saving you time and money on an ongoing basis.

In addition, our blog, newsletter and Chef-e-pedia are updated regularly with new articles. We hope these are useful both personally and for your business.

By the way, please use “How can we help” to tell us what kind of content you would find useful.

Oh, and please don’t forget, to get regular updates, sign up for our newsletter and join us on Facebook.

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