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Cod, Mint, Lime & Chorizo Fishcake With Aioli

Two cod, mint, lime and chorizo fishcakes plated with a simple tomato and lettuce salad and aioli
  • Recipe Type: Plated Spec
  • Perfect For: Bar Food, Main Courses, Starters
  • Shelf Life: Serve straight away
  • Serving Alternative: Use a single fishcake for a starter portion


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Place the fishcakes in a deep fat fryer preheated to 170°c.

Remove from the fryer, drip dry and finish in a preheated oven 180-200°c.

Once the core temp of  75°c has been reached prepare the plate.

Place the aioli on the plate and drag across with a serving spoon.

Dress the leaves and tomatoes in the mixing bowl and build on the plate.

Add the fishcakes to the plate and serve.

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